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in the air in the wind upon us celer

have not been active on this site because i am on the final stretch of college, will write about that a bit after, this is a celer album i have been saving, didnt want to listen to anything else so i am listening today. immediately the sound is blissfully muddy lofi, high end sharpness, sizzling fried electronics and metal bowl resonance and drifting delay. bedtime sleepy ambient . comfy but a little bit nothing. second track is more of a spectacle, washes of string crescendos that sweep in with washes of spectral noise that rattles against the soft resonance of ths strings, sine bass and lovely shit fidelity WONDERFUL dreamy, if the first track put me to sleep this second one is going to make me wake up stressed to fuck covered in sweat... happened once with the phil niblock album touch food, didnt intend to sleep to it i must have been tired and or drunk anyway this sounds nice. will maybe finish this album tomorrow after work or before work depending on what mood im in in the morning. 21/05 edit ended up listening at 11pm. longest track now, time to get cosy hanging out with my cat. comfy strings fading in and out, quite emotional feeling, the fidelity sounds brighter on this one but the delay still feels the same. didt write anything but i liked this cheers thank you.


glorious new regime zyklon ss xenophobic ejaculation

have been waiting forever cor a rip of this, finally. recent entries on this site are fucked with errors and shit this page especially probably haha i am actually busy at the moment with shit but it doesnt feel tooooo overwhelming yknow, just enough. the sound of album yes, i believe this is is a collaboration not a split firstly, and it sounds like that too, brooding deep synth drone making up bass end (zyklon ss) and looping raw looped noise that sounds like dragging metal on sandpaper in circular motion the haters but might be like, loop from a rally or something (XE clearly). this dead as fuck sound is what should be expected, ringing out more frequencies from boosting gradually in tiny amounts throughout, very careful ear for this from both artist. zyklon ss starts tapping some junk metal brings in a rhythm yknooooow m, vocals now it is whispered vocals from mr hal zyklon ss, but i want the pasi vocals hal sounds too camp, here he sounds good though, overall sound is very cold even though it is very full, vocals sound like he's freezing and shivering in a meat storage locker, pasi vocals are present and mixed low just add to the clutter it is lovely mmmmmmm. maybe the lyrics are interesting but i havemt made out any of them. positive thoughts on thag first one, second starts with junk metal dreaaaamin and zyklon ss is doing vocals similar to on the moral war ep. pretty stagnant in its constant aggression which is fine its chill and nervous, cold still. gets fixed on squishy synth noise and banging like fist and cock, pretty cool, abrupt end. much prefer the first but both are cool. good.good and nice. i do not support. going to see if i can leech more rips of stuff from this label).


no bull one left behind cyess afxzs

new? cool! was made aware of this, thank you. what a great title for an album it is fun, interrupting bull says what. first track sounds great, excellent distortion sound on th junk noise and there is a synth drone too, after wonderful ultra shrill feedback it comes back in full force rolling around glorious harsh with a sick fucking sick feedback forefront melody kind of thing, kind and honest, more active and more frantic motion noise is introduced and very welcome, so much to pack into a 7 min trak wow.🦊. second track has some cello sounding synth and some absolutely fucking crushing noise i can not describe, in its sound it is kind of something that might be used in like, edm, but used incredibly innapropriately, anyway it sounds brilliant, and the junk is mash the shit out of junk and then let it ring out, yes please, also there is banging sounds like counting in a trak with drum stiks haha, even more to pack into a fucking 3 min trak what, bells and chimes sounds like and somrthing bowed. third track title track, throbs of synth strings, wonderful clutter and washes of huge fucking sound subtle tapping, mellows out with some like metal bowl shuffling, don't know why, sounds worse but i guess downtime is good for this cinematic harsh noise. longest track next track 4, forefront is like paper bag crumpling or something, then feedbacks and shuffling, background is full of like, sounds like violin but it might be something junky and deceptive, the clutter makes me high, brings in more rigid edges and metal strings clattering, textures akin to the maltreatment. feedback sharper mmm, stripped down to more pure crashing harsh noise with metal junk, with isolated chains and scrape, there is tape delay haha i remember that everything comes crashing down on top and it becomes super fucking fucking fucking wooooooo, synth drones introduced more prominent, simple sines, motion becomes more hypnotic, chains become more of a winding motion with the delay, synth becomes more SHAPED, more edges. 5 has ambient synth and drone, with metal keys fiddling and rhythm with velcro pop texture, starting his car, feedback yes please mmmmmm. scared money never wins, harsh detail noise wonderful these junk mmm hardpanned feedbacks and clutter with tiny sounds fighting for forefront , war on many scales. static fogs strip sound back there is saxaphooooone it sounds fucking sick spoiler alert it sounds fucking sick AND UGLY FUCKING SICK SQUISHY SYNTH MMMM... so good... everything from this project is gold this one is also gold. second favourite one i think so far.

the next first thing

waited for so long for aomething like this... there have been little glimmers of hope popping up around rachels grimes since if then not when, but nothing as concretely gorgeous(maybe other than the astriid + rachel grimes album). revised materials from kings daughters and sons original run, and shows , first track strikes the elegance of if not then when, drifting song structure maintained with bass guitar and piano line. glorious, and of course the vocals strike so deep emotional. second track has a noir feel, guitar pot sweeps driffting around wonderful vocals, voice of angel basically, absolutely wonderful picks up, arp synth sounds alright, crescendo isnt as much of a mindfuck as it should be though but it has a good feel. last track, the macabre i like with both sound and lyric themes, this one is rlly good . i am glad this came out it is important, I can't believe this was the year.

02/05/23 + 04/05/23 + 07/05/23... noooo

morgan le fay kafka semyavin

ok... first preface... took long because ill...

— 05/02/2023 9:29 PM went for a late night walk and listened to this, shit is too busy all the time i would like to simplify my life but that isnt happening.... ever. track intro is nice hazy, the main wall has a liquid quality and the hissing static like a stream, thinking of a rock pool and waterfall. the less i am thinking of it in terms of AESTHETICS or whatever the more it feels like water recordings drowned in tape hiss (nice). subtle taps and rattles, whistles and shuffling drone. mistaking a rustling layer of the wall for cars passing. open spaces scare me. focusing more and i am completely in a ""trance"", feels like ths has gone somewhere but it might not have moved i will have to check but has entered the realms of .... meat locker atmospherics that i like to associate with their stuff, and probably my favourite way to describe this SOUND. fades out into a gorgeous dark ambient drone track.has a suprise and lovely sound, drone, emotion, great for this atmosphere (atmosphere in the "real life" i mean). home now as 3 is starting.

— 05/04/2023 9:34 PM got uploaded to bandcamp... i have a headache today i am feeling ill but i went to work because i am such a trooper.third track starts like a ritual, drum kit and weird littllll drones but fades into birds recording my friend. birds are cute . soft static cold i think. listening to field recording studf outdoors is weird. work was shit . so soft. saw two people fucking in a car. birds leave and it becomes super soft static and little snaps of twigs.

07,,,,,,,,,/05///////////////// OK this is third time listening to this third track haha,, can probably tell i did not go to work after thhhh 4th, it got worse i still feel quite shit but this is lovely. i want to compliment yr cover it is gorgeous. traversing rain. soft against puffy hood. i love shit like this all day every day of my life. last track track 4 is absolutely gorgeous drone spinning around yr head. last track especially emotional i think i guess... tracks 1 and 4 are highlights i think but exceptionalllllly solid album if i relisten it will grow on me a lot i think. huge. please keep making things.