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petturian rooli grunt

post work detox power electronics you can shake yr fist to WHAT A SOUUUUND first track focused on a lovely synth loop power ful evolving mushy barked vocals and lovelyyy bass but the high end feedbacks and cluttering junk with tape motions on crunch glory, fuck fuck fuck fuck fu. reigns in the agressive, third track has junk metal loop and shuffling with some squeaks and uncomfy sound like scraping strings. i dont like that type of sounds it makes me uncomfy. mellowed out too much by track 4 but i like the rattle sound, like there is a snare in the room with the sample it sounds cool . Aoh. oooooo .. a a a ...a.a..a.a woooooooo cool metal banging loop sounds like a wheel with nylon strings attached spinning in a metal container wonderful. vocals are barked and in finnish. track 5 has kick drum and stress electronics, the clutter and feedback have returned with glory over clear vocals but in finnish so i cant comment but yea this is fun i am having fun bouncing around on the bus with headphones playing as loud as they go but it still doesn feel loud enough. track 6 is fucking 15 minnnnnn YEAAA stress sound scraping metal gave me chills, a layer of deeper fumbling and battery provides the occasional thud, interesting how this is more bareable than the third track when it sounds like a chorus of plates being scraped with forks haha, or nails against chalkboard or any other conventionally horrible sound, sounds like wind and sounds like thunder when i think in more vague terms and mentally abstract detail. fuck yes sick loop introduced, feels so hig and it is wonderfully crunched out explosive, sounds like long metal rod objects used for construction, being loaded into a cannon haha. that review on the rym page the turkeybeard one i think it especially applicable to this track,,, maybe this track alone though, this sounds like recreating the battlefield with junk metal i ro think that is cool, this long track is sick by the way it is going through the motions. junk metal expands bring on the DELAY pedal stuttrr. that crunch distortion is just perfect, mellows out. track errrr 7,,, i like it, hitting metal sheet with whatever, drone and cool synth stuff spoken work buried to fuck and pe vocals incomprehensible even if i knew the language also feedback of course i love. and sharp soumd. YEAAA THHHHHH TRAXK THE TRACK THE LAST ONE MMMMMMM mmmm good vkcal good drone good


male compliments male compliments

exactly my style, uber shit sounding power electronics first track has cheap casio sounds and stuttering vitriol vokals,the aesthetic of this album is basically perfect.. making friends with the bouncer has such a good rhtyhmm tight delay vocals exactly what is wanted all the time, can't understand the words at all but i am guessing they are being very friendly with the bouncer. cruising is focused on the high feedback tight delays with flinging junk around, the primitivism is cool but not much of interest until the feedbacks get looser towards the end i guess, the crunch sound on this are nice, just like, overloaded tape, it is nice, straight to tape method is comfy. track called another reintroduces the cheap casio and has the stuttering barked vocals like before, the synth part is quite pretty sounding though, nice. gay neighbour watching me pace my room (amazing title wow) is junk metal extrodinare, metal container with metal strings hanging off the side that rattle when the contents are moved, stuttering clunky mess with nice distortion. sadly i am left underwhelmed when it ended, aesthetics wise perfect so i was hoping this would serve as some kind of bible for future ENDEAVOURS but nah... primtive straight to tape noise not amazing... will try and remember it exists though gay pe is great woo. didnt know this was a koufar project but now all that stuttering makes sense.


dwell in possibility celer

after work. have not heard a celer album for a while, albums that look like classics are littered in discography, aesthetically this seems like one. tired, so far this feels empty, sine drifting in and out, lo bit wash, one of the most disconnected atmosphere s i have heard in a celer album, like not pretty, barely. so cold. i like these where you can't tell where the tracks end, just check and i am 5 traks in... it is cold today and the music is just as cold. have been reading de sade,,, will maybe make a goodreads, will maybe encourage me to read more,,, anyway i am really enjoying the book justine, it is progressively getting better and more EXTREME or whatever. the 7th track is longer still dissonant and sparse sines, vague. soft spoken and vague tongue. singing bowl. the veins of my days is very pretty. i dont identify with many people.last track is thr longest it has some muffled strings. extremely passive album with a very particular mood. my night bus ride benefited. amplifies the colour, deep blue. snuffed beauty


iron division zyklon ss

nazi pe, sounds more pure industrial leaning than power electronics . have heard some from this project before, junk fixation is good, electronics are good, good sound, ideology is scary. i have spoke n to someone about this before i dont think i wrote on here though, not sure if this person is genuine or trying to be like..... PROVOCATIVE whatever... in the interview on special interests he is saying like grrrr people get so offended these days grrrrrr . this is good first track good second track awesome sample people saying adolf hitler with clinical rhythm droning electronics. third has a rlly nice pleasing synth sound a little squishy squealy mmmm,, oo and like metal chain rattle lots of sound mmmm. title of this is bring back the camps loop is my race is my religion and my skin is my uniform and that is war dirge rhythm droning electronics oscillation up and down loevly LOVELY lovely gooooooood. I DONT SUPPORT DOWNLOAD FOR FREE On soulseek my friend i forgot i used to say that ,,, super fun flange vocals,, i should probably still specify that i dont want people thinking that i am racist. track 5 distortion speech and rolling metal pipes sounds like, pulsating synth. track 6 is a little nothing, charlottesville sample yes? overall impression is some highlights but kind of drags towards the end even though it isnt very long,,, if you would like to listen to something better by him maybe try the moral war ep,, it is very mean spirited especially that last track.


catalysis merzbow

new merzbow who is interested! lots of! peoplw! wooo hoo i am not up to date with him but this has cats on the cover and title and.....🐱🐱🐱. has some nice trashy junk noise starts as like a clanking martial rhythm and drops out to become clutter later on.. the electronics sounds are much more mushy and less interesting than they used to be it seems. more rhythm banging,,, and letting the feedbacks ring out, junk atmosphere, wah feedbacks, yeah.. yeah.. yeahhm... much more interesting when the electronics are done aeay with i think, the sounds are cool there is a junk layer in the left ear that has a little pitch shift thing going on. sputtering colours eventually, lacking in the density of his best and i dont like the rhythm banging it sounds silly. second track has like, whipping sound on top of droning electronics loop and it is like more martial rhythms again... by the way i have a headache if this is too negative that might be why,, but this album is so far very tired, not a lot of interest,, this second track especially is nothing and one of my least favourite things i have heard by him,, thinking about that skip button, increased intesity eventually so im glad i didnt but still not positive. third pots and pans clutter with bleep bloop bitcrush electronics. larger objects introduced BRINGS FORTH nice electronics sounds. metal junk crashing sounds like a big objects, mike a metal shutter for a shop being battered with like,,, baseball bat. 4 starts with headache frequency feedbacks fuck yes, primitive junk noise with cable buzz and slowly introducing some pedals and electronics. the control over the density is cool but it never really gets very full it seems, to a fault, because the electronic sounds would feel a lot better if there was more clutter. strange voice like electronic introduced that sounds quite good. the tremolod to fuck feedback is not much fun to be honest. basically nothing. oh my god this is nothing. last track is more regular harsh noise wah fuck with junk and buzzing electronics and more extreme distortion.. fans of the liberation for animals album would probably like this track, i like it but still feels like he's tapped out quite a bit energy wise. the bubbly electronics are here that is nice, everyone misses the 90s merzbow, this is sound wise near it but energy wise lacking in some factor i think it is just energy but might be something else, these sounds benefit from higher energy. maybe my standards are too high for merzbow but this is so middling it may as well not exist but cats are there so yippee.


strung up swallowing bile

after an introduction of the finest.... old skewl.... power electronics with tacky fucking sound and lovely fucking delay , second track has martial rhythm, third has washes of noise like brushing along sheet metal, going to quick why are these tracks so short. anyway that album cover is incredible and STRIKING i rlly love it so of course i would listen and my standards would immediately be high, but this rlly rlly rlly is excellent aesthetically vile, sounds like sewadge in its quality.bits of bile and piss.adolecent hunter great title. this is so fucking good wow sounds like a pack of dogs... little bodies hidden in water excellent title riddled with illness, sound is great whining feedback to accompany,,, i got it i got it i got it. such good sound completely addictive smells like sawdust and chime... why the fuck is yr album ao short... ep or whatever... last track atlanta assault archive has metal chains fumbling against metal container sounds like, like a dumpster, noise sounds like passing cars... i feel like this is maybe one of if not the most effective true crime power electronics thing i have heard, like it feels dirty as fuck without rlly doing a lot it just has a griny atmosphere, like it is clogged, and the sounds feel related to the ideas more than usual, that adolescent hunter track was just...... wow. fucking incredible. bless, will listen a few times maybe


documents 1 2 wall riders

rereleased on ominous recordings description says it is one of the most important harsh noise ever, thats exciting... listening it is psuedo wall style thick grainy crunchy with lost of layers shifting around swaying in and out. rlly excellent sound there is a soft layer on top like a snare, lovely thick crunch mmmmmm ok i am completely tapped out this is amazing every layer is so destinct but the two layers folding over eachother is just..... bass gets blown out and top layer gets ridiculously crunched. complete enveloping. who is responsible . i completely understand the statement this is amazing and for 2007 feels pretty revolutionary to the wall style with the level of isolation each layer feels like it has.. i know the rita was doing similar but this os different i think. huge. how the fuck havent i heard of this. absolute focus. rustic, scraping along the sides, passed out from the heat sways and breathes, coarse, crystal salt... side 2 more feela a little freer, has some overloaded tape-like gain which blows out the bass, bass has classic ugly cheap sound , top layers is mostly crunched to shit but has some crackles, the static heat death is still here ,,2007 is early. rolling around, winding metal gears, leather strap tearing, stretched. cuts thep bass for a fun part of avalanche. teeth grinding leather strap. bass is offputting but it is glorious sound excellent album.basically essential for wall people. will seek out physical.


the hunger sutcliffe jugend

will be a little fucked, going to try listen first disk before work and second after work... everyone praises this late sutcliffe jugend stuff but i never liked it, seems too silly, taking themselves too seriously yknoooow... this first track is exactly that as well, spoken word style with brooding drone and synth chirps and distortion fog, quite interesting yea... synth on the second track sounds quite fun i guess i like the poetry style of the lyrics i guess they are still a little silly but i guess his mannerisms are less retarded, this is quite cool yes the vocals get more intense good distortion sound. it is strange maybe to compae and contrast their old stuff with this, i do rlly like their old stuff ewwww what the fuck is this third track ewww. settling in a bit actually but still,,,,, ok i am entertained now that the vocals are a little more present, the electronics are so lovely wow i like the wailing... off in their own world with power electronics it seems in terms of how this sounds, ok i will now compliment your lovely album cover i love this lovely album cover, i like his vocals very performative, lyrics more vague ideas than other stuff i have heard from this period which i like... i guess they have always been practicioners of this cinematic approach... track 4 has double bass and piano what.... do as yr told , buzzing guitar tremolo what the fuck is happening i rlly like this? the lyrics i dont care.. track 5 doesnt rlly do anythibg track 6 is fine not power electronics related at all its like post industrial stuff its fine i like the double take vocals, magnificent ending. oh i like track 7 interesting sound design stuff, i am focused on lyrics i like them .... morals, no, manners, of course.. i think that is the win lyric of album one i will be thinking about i like that one. this track is rlly cool. wow i like, matured... 8 is piano with cello track it is entirely tension nervous,, horror movie. ok work now... it is strange that they seemingly got bored of power electronics like 2 tracks in.

work is over, track 9 is gorgeous i love the taps of the notes on top of the thick organ like drone interesting lyrics. track 10 sine taps on painful spectrum, i smell your piss in the cold air... silly cello. track 11..... fucking ew. vocoder .... nah. its fine, it became less ew as it progress bass guitar comes in and distortion fog. ok this is quite beautiful ok went on too long just ok. start of disc 2 starts with power electronics that is funthere is a tiny reverb to feign room, cinematic still, deep voice nice i like this woooooo hooooo. track 2 fun nonsense chaotic electronics commanding old skewl tone of voice with the clutter but literally please just a crumb of feedback. ok just a bit of feedback thanks... track 3 is like a stylophone sounds like ok no it is same chaotic electronics just with bizarre panning shit, main drone melody is rlly gorgeous and sad, i dont like his vocals on this one, nah this is silly. gets better. take your naked son! and fuck him in the ass! lay him on the altar! track 4 completely involved focused i rlly liked it pretty drone and fiddling, guitar too, track was quite long but felt too short probably ... next track track 5 i have to say the number every time because i lost track once and fucked everything up but it is electric guitar based lovely distortion drone mmmmm very pretty good vocal tight delay on vocal slightly wonderful sound throwback to older stuff slightly, thinking about pornography is not enough third track compared to this, it is very far gap i think. track 6 so good everything about it yes. track 7 is immaculate the ambient intro is so pure wonderful bring in throb death industrial wonderful vocals all worth it incredible OH MY FUCKING GOD this is one of the best things i have ever heard in entire life oh my GOD. track 8 plink plonk on harp sounds a little terrible. bold move to have maybe the best thing they have ever done followed by something completely terrible. track 9 is glorious deep cello drones again with ranting on top stacking layers strings loops mmmmm. OH MY FUCKING GOD YEAAAAA evolves into power electronics obviously but it is absolutely glorious the restraint on the feedback for so long was to build into twhatever this cluster fuck, entire track lyrics and most lyrics on this album are like, criticism of power electronics like dont want to make power electronics anymore sorry even though you want power electronics SORRY and i guess this is, giving me what i want , and it is obvious why i want it it feels so good they are very good at it. art as pornography music as pornography words as pornography yippee. final track lonely strings and fuzzy electronics in a lazy haze... so pretty. i havent heard an album like this so cinematic and ambitious in so long, might become more important in due time but the mixed quality is making this not higher than 4 stars i think, still excellent especially this b side....

for a bigger race for a neater world bigger neater

downloaded from someone called adlfhtlr haha... one of the better known nspe projects i guess because of the metal crossover, industrial metal rather than black metal though. i used to like industrial metal chemlab was my favourite. first track did nothing but his vocals are quite fun insane manic vitreol, second track is way better shriller production faster tempo insanely energetic... ok that was good i like the drum, not rlly power electronics though i think this might be mistagged. lyrics of third track are"""problematic""" haha.. track 4 titled jews control the world. ... this """rips"""... the most hateful music i have heard? track 5 is the most power electronics ish track so far this is excellent TRACK 6 HOOOOOOLY SHIT what a souuuuund fucking,,,, metal chain . play this song on full volume with no headphones on or youre a fucking pussy. overall.......... scary, most genuine scary hate musik i have heard aaaaa sounds genuinely insane mentalcase interesting art . last track on rym has a different title to the one on my download, i am quite happy about that haha i wonder who changed the title.


required skills sergey pakhomov

new long sergey, DELUXE 3 hours sergey album... immediate reaction is this sounds rawer than usual the earthy crackle, layers picked apart sharp top layer high end fizzle crackle with drag, mid layer wooden earthy drag fireplace crackle? shuffling layer soft motion of flames bass layer drags along, the rigid sound of this is a little offputting, the crackle layers are a bit :/ they arent pure enough if that makes sense, sounds like there are some crackles caught in a reverb , soft distortion on shuffling layer and hiss gives it a nice atmosphere, like camping, yes that is what i am thinking. track 2 bass is a little rubbery main crackle layer sounds good, top layer crackle, some hiss and clicks, like a tyre fire in a junkyard for warmth burning barrel. good gravelly stone teuxturethis is. 3rd is alleyway trashfire there is a squeaky layer sometimes he has squeaky sounds maybe some people like them but i dont, bass end strong wind sound like cheap camcorder, good sound, i am thinking the part in night in the woods burning the robot with greg ggggg and angus, that is atmosphere i am thinking, fine ew squeaky yknow... OK track 4 is called untitled iv part 1 other three tracks are part of this apparently... this sounds great, thick fuzzyn distortion sound liquidy, sub rumble, a layer of thin metal - ish shuffling and the main layer being what sounds like fireworks, which is a lovely sound i want to do something similar maybe, the liquid distortion sound might get sickly. nah it settled into being rlly comfy,, if these other tracks arent variations on this firework sound i will cry. track 5 has it! but it is sparse,, and on top of a rlly ugly fuzzy wall shuffling on top of a hum, closed my eyes and felt very lightheaded i think it is this albums fault, not digginnnnnng it too much sorry. track 6 squishy bubbly sound a little gross sounding, slate drag texture, soft sub bass, hardpanned soundss, firewrk in right ear. verdict fine probably would like it more if it was made by someone else but my standards for sergey albums is high.


one long year andrew chalk

nostalgia lots of ambient is reliving the same thoughts how often do you think about is there someone you miss you would like to see again do you miss what it used to be like do you feel like you have wasted your time are you sick of yourself do you relate to other people do you worry too much talk too much talk too little miss going out with your friends do you feel comfortable do you feel welcome i like these thoughts thinking on hindsight and worthless, compare now and then and i dont dont care either way, feels fitting for music like this though, soft simple ambient focused on synth string sounds i think i mentioned my little foray into the andrew chalk music when i was ill and did nothing all day, something particularly.striking about his style is the warmth, this is warm, i do prefer his guitar based stuff but this is also great. when talking to people i like to ask if they enjoy work, i am surprised that most people i have asked have said yes, i dont think they are telling the truth, it is just necessity. fourth track is gorgeous. drifting from thoughts. the cutoff fiddling like wah, its fine, the pure resonant sounds, bells , tapping insense. cute covr. i should be more reckless spend less time doing shit i dont care about.track 6 is gorgeous best so far. i feel like ... last track is pretty, wooden xylophone instrument what is it called. cats are cute. i dont think this is long enough to last the way home. man walks in help im homeless i just need money for milk, hello my friend i only have 30 p cash on me, he says i know you have money i need ten pounds for somewhere to stay theres a cash machine, i say no my friend, he says i need ten pounds for food for me and my baby, nappies for the baby, i say i can buy you chips or smthn (this is in some donner place) no i need 10 pounds cash for nappies for my baby, come on lets go the cash machine, what, walks out, comes back what the fuck man you said you would come, im not giving you ten pounds man im sorry, mate you said you would... walks out. freaked me out, what a cunt no respect.


breezes in the abyss cheer

going through 5s of cool person😮... on thr rym... yesterday i listened agog album it was wonderful, today i am listening this one, cassette ambient horray. immediately warm delicate sofr guitar based voices, i am not sure how i will cope with the travks not being rlly long. left work early thank god, i should quit soon it makes me miserable. track 2 starts with like, shuffling something wooden around a metal bowl, sounds nice and soft, guitar ambient on top, such good sound bottleneck fiddling... such a lovely sound i am so glad this is lasting so long, emotionally poignant haha what a shit word. such lovely. 4 is gorgeous soft drifting sine wash loop with wooden thud and soft watermill hiss. 5 is even softer oh my...... no bass, soft shuffling drifting sine wash melody floating angel. settling into more purity until track 6 brings back the guitar fiddling noises, a little uncomfy sounds 😮 pot sweep loops are lovely though, guitar is such lovely instrument. track 7 based on bowed, i think it is violin could be bowed guitar but i think violin, absolutely gorgeous pastoral passed out, rotary circular motions. i like the cymbals on track 8 so pretty yes lovely loop introduced. track 9 is........ absolutely gorgeous.... not many words. love. positive....... very positive. want to locate more like this last track


hh gabi losoncy

rlly.fcking drunk do you care went to see.mario movie it was nothing im not retarded enough for it i dont think... went out with two straight edge friends but met person who drinks after we went pub lots of drinks mmmmmmm.good shit. this i have been hyping myself up for for so long, so far it is nothing, sounds like an electric fan in a humid room on holiday, guest room. aesthetic is 5 star though... apparently she has released a final album? i have missed out on this stuff for far too long i think deoth recommended something by her like 2 years ago haha... im hungry when do,,, shops closemmmm. if nothing happens im listening to duster or smthn. junk metal fumbling light junk. simple sounds like this are so exciting when someonr else is in control, simple.sounds might be tacky to someone but when executed might be wonderful.... we cant all see the controls i guess, what youre doing what is available... minimalism, lack of experience or lack of proper equipment makes yr art more interesting i think,,,, this is so simple i guess is what i am trying to say... im so drunk i think... might be just as drunk as every other time,,, redbull in one of the shots you are fucking joking me if im up all night because of ths............ soft hum... primitive art like this always makes me think why am i not making stuff like this,,,, particularly the xenophobic ejaculation,,, so simple but so emotional to me even though it is simple feedbacks, even though it is like.... i could do that.... i ahvent done that and if i try it doesnt work as well, a particular mood particular fixation on sounds this is particular fixation on an atmosphere, warm hotel room. how the fuck do people get popular in a """scene""" like this i dont understand, is it just who you know? there is a sweet stuck to the floor on the bus, i touched it with my foot and thought i was going insane... second track has an intro with frog sounds haha and metal fumbling, becomes soft again, sounds even more passive than before. i wonder what insterests people enough to record atmospheres like this, this one is more like, there is a boiler in the room im sleeping in, or something, similar humidity and ... whatever it is probably identical to.most people... why does effort matter to people, do they feel like they need to occupy their time with only art that has taken """excruciating""" amount of effort, worthlrss art is valuable. litter. more provocative based on aesthetics than sound but still very particular mood wise. maybe if i waa mot listening focused and drunk i would love this.


black rabbit skullflower

new offering, cover from watership down i need to rewatch that i think i saw it a lot of times when was vry young, such wonderful lovely film i need to see that again and the plague dogs film, maybe today i dont know... the timbre of the first track was more of the same skullflower meandering optimistic noodling with a reverbed layer to give it a rhythm it was a nice sound but the clipping was there and i was a little .... not feeling much, but there is a change mid track it is actually so much better it is wonderfulwonderfully layered guitar drone layers, hammer ons, swirling circular bliss, distortion fog fuzz pedals good start to the day. fuck eysysyesyyes this second track sounds so good, tremolo riff hovers over muddy riff guitar plodding along with muffled rhythm, the guitar noodling is pretty stellar very dynamic lot of activity but if it goes on long enough i will zone out. timbre change the clipping is ugly this is a little naeuseousu s (how to spell), melody is nice i guess, this is fine i think where did the electric drum kit go though, would love drone + drum kit :). push it futher!

birthday yesterday, got rlly fucking stoned. went to pubs and did nothing, went to some jazz bar for like 15 minutes the music was excellent met people in my friends other friend group was too stoned to properly engage with any conversation but i dont think i would have anyway. was ok, i dont really care about this shit, i can go see hawkwind and swans later in the year though i dont care.


how to win at all costs macronympha

haha remember i was saying, ill, feel ill, haha i tested positive for covid, quite funny haha. so it was just andrew chalk drone ambient yesterday, today i am feeling quite a bit better ..m do you remember macronympha, """way past their prime""( not rlly) but their prime was the """height of american noise""" or whatveervr, havwnt heard much past the 90s material after the rodger left, but i thought what i heard was still good. i heard knob head cock head on deathbed that sounded amazing, this is a good sound too( so obviously not way past their prime). the junk noise on this sounds wonderful clutter, small peices of sharp metal sounds like, with clutter from feedback drones and primitive oscillators, drowned out shouts thin layer static hiss glorious wonderful clutter. introduces wonderful bassy distortion to junk metal layer with a sharp cut, the stereo space is interesting the vocals are buried but you can catch little rumbles underneath all that mess. i might buy nicer headphones i listened to jack the ripper lover yesterday on a different pair i have heard that song so many times but on those it sounded way sharper had a resonance feedback sound to entire thing had a sharpness, i should maybe? timbre change for more clarity in high endsounds nice. second track is less like a brick wall there is a layer of overloaded to fuck tape scuzz, the bass is dragging everything alongwith it and there is a sputtering mid layer debris from the junk scrape, sharp static and feedbacks and hypnotic layer of extra junk noise that has cool filter play sounds like blizzard yknow, this is a lot more active and a lot bigger sound. brickwalls eventually focused more on hiss and whine with subtle movements sounds in and out. there is small metal shuffling that sounds rlly nice, i winder why i havent heard something like that before it is just like, keys on a keychain . brickwall there are nice mumbling drones this gets pretty powerful after the drones settle in but mostly this is very "meditative""" whatever that means. feedbacks sounds like screams, might be screams, sounds cool ok yes that is voice. oh my this gets rlly nice when the vocals are more clear, such good sounds such good energy. fucked radio noise at the end. comforting.


connections opportunities for mistakes phroq

was off sick yesterday, but i was in today, i am still not feeling amazing but i can cope. i have heard something by them before, intelligent noise stuff with concrete and eai. pickd this one because of the cover has a deer ... first track is crackles concrete over tones and synth fiddling... soft concrete pops and clicks slight tone shimmer sub bass lovely ear loving soft sound. there is no harsh to be found, entirely glorious crackles pops drones, sometimes a little scary shuffling and cuts sharp cuts cut wires lovely sounds why do i not listen more of this,,,, eai or concrete what do i tag this on rym actually. bought white tea , it was cheap but i like trying different brands i am not very snobbish about getting like,,,, high end stuff, i just like buying whatever is there, and usually it is teabags... this album track 3 gets into a bit of a noisieiirier territory. visiting secondhand shops to look for shit electronics, someone said there was a cheap volca in one so i am going to go look. yes this track is elevating quite a lot as i said that a ,,,, suprise, compressed air, music for meat locker, storage freezer, lamb head track 4 mmmmm. 5 has a rhythm part that made me bounce around, found two shit distortions i am excited one of them the design is stolen from boss very fun like like could be passed off as a boss pedal but the size is a lot smaller. this track 5 has now staples and cellotape stereo panning bass tones. the high frequencies arent really helping i already have a headache, but if i diddnt this would be cooler because it sounds like birds, my friendd bitcrush distortion, like the errrr roden album i think it was crop circles, quite cool sounds pretty atmosphere, shortwave buzz interest. the stereo space is very nice, this is taking forever the guy in front of me is like buying an iphone and play station or smthn, other people are looking for something online? i only want two things, tired. i wonder what these distortions sound like i am interested got an acoustic guitar pickup too, i wonder what i can do outside of guitars ooooo also this has gotten rlly good after it has picked up momentum a bit, frequency range is stilll sickly 6 sounds cold, shortwave buzz stutter freezer rhytnms last track is based around extreme reduction timed perfectly to end as soon as i got home, excited for explore simple pedals